Anniversary - Two Year

Happy two year anniversary! I honestly can’t believe it’s already been 2 years of running this brand daily. Thinking back to 730 days ago I thought it would be cool to start something where I could express my creative side and design apparel. Challenging myself to start something from nothing like I did for clients at my old job. Having a graphic design and marketing background made it easier in getting everything set up to what it is now but the consistency was key. Never giving up and keeping at it every single day like it was the very first. Concept, graphic design, branding, illustration, identity, marketing, re-marketing, channel strategy, analytics, social media, engagement, response, advertisement, order processing, invoicing, merchandise, quality control, ppc, budgeting, finance, inventory, packaging, shipping, tracking, campaign development, newsletter, activity, engagement, leads, follow-ups, appraisal, customer satisfaction, overall organization, reports, meets and website/ web traffic - a nutshell of the things I do to help the brand grow LOL. To see all of you repping and wearing my merch in public still blows me away. The support I’ve gotten is unreal to say the least. So many best friends have been made all across the world from just 2 words. If I ended this brand today it would have already been worth it all. 4,000+ online orders, 2,000+ local orders, 7,500 Instagram followers, 2,400 Facebook members, waaaay too many messages and waaaay too many snapchats while still being a solo operation. I can’t thank each and every single one of you enough for helping me live out this dream. I still held up to my promise by replying to every single DM and message even when the inbox got maxed out. I really want to push this brand harder next year and see how far I can take it. More designs, more products, more shows, more collabs and more content. I shipped orders to every single state and 40+ countries overseas. Maybe this is the year that I quit my 9-5 job and take this thing full-time. But for right now, balancing 4ish jobs is still some what manageable. Again, thank you for another great year and for many many more years to come - this is only the the start. Forever grateful.

- Brandon Yuen