Anniversary - One Year

Happy one year anniversary! I started this brand solely last November 30th 2016 for fun and to see it take off like this is beyond me. With the idea of "why not" it really goes to show that if I could turn a dream into reality, then so can you. Personally hearing that people always regret the chances they didn't take earlier on in their life, I really didn’t ever want to think to myself "what if I did or didn't" one day. 1500+ worldwide online orders and 500+ in city since launching one year ago while always being a solo operation. With the intentions of starting something small this automotive/ clothing brand I created has helped me buy a new home and bring me close with so many new wonderful friends. After falling in and out of a couple different local scenes the past few years of my life, I decided to try cars. The passion I see people putting into their vehicles to express themselves is what really got me into this scene so fast and so involved. 4000 Instagram followers and 1000 Facebook members. A big thanks to every single one of you for supporting or even taking the time out of your busy day to like my daily posts or to send me a quick snap of my items that you purchased. That’s why I reply to every single one of your DM’s- to show that I truly care about you all. It's hard for me to show how much I appreciate this overall experience; overwhelming to say the least. I will always be forever grateful and to many more years to come.

- Brandon Yuen